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Ecovadis Environment CSR OTEGO Article Sustainable

The Ecovadis rating, a good indicator of the environmental commitment for companies?

Along with the challenges brought by the climate change and the necessity for companies to  reduce drastically their environmental impact, monitoring the efficiency of their actions in regard to sustainable policies has become…


Rubber ROI Waste Release Liners

In the last decade, the tire industry has faced tremendous pressure to recycle and optimize usage of rubber materials. This is a combination of economic, environmental, societal and legislative factors.…

Rooftop Bellow Cover OTEGO Dickson PTL

New trend: Roof Cover Bellow for large CNC machines

CNC Machines: always better, always bigger With the development of high precision machining tools, it is nowadays faster and easier to work on complex parts by working directly from a…

Poncho Fire Escape Ppe

Fire Escape Poncho

Often carried by the firefighters on their belt during firefighting operations as an emergency protective gear against fire entrapments, the aluminized poncho is a piece of equipment that can be…


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