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About us

A new dynamic through a new identity

OTEGO Thierry Mosa textile


Editorial by T. Mosa, CEO of OTEGO


Since early 2020, the company has left Glen Raven / Dickson Group to become independent. This autonomy has allowed us to focus our strategy on innovation and international expansion through a responsible and sustainable company.

In order to achieve these strategic goals, we assembled within OTEGO a team of collaborators whom are passionate about their job and committed to defend the interest of our clients with a strong concern: how to improve the productivity and contribute to the business development of our users ?

The strength of our company is its ability to quickly respond to our clients thanks to our offices in Asia, America, and EMEAI. At OTEGO, we speak more than 13 languages such as: English, German, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. We stay close to our customers to understand their needs and to provide customized solutions.

OTEGO has a world leading position on the technical textile applied to industry. Our expertise is nowadays largely recognized by our clients and we are often consulted for our opinion on manufacturing issues involving functional fabrics.

OTEGO symbolizes our new identity, centered on our will to contribute into protecting people and their equipment across all our industrial segments worldwide.


The company and its history

Plastic and Textile of Lyon (Plastique Textile Lyonnais, also known as PTL in French) has been established in 1948 in Lyon, France.  In 1988, the company joined the Dickson Group before joining a few years later GLEN RAVEN. Early 2020, the society became independent by leaving the Glen Raven / Dickson Group and changed its name to OTEGO. Presently, the company has become a worldwide specialist of technical textiles for applications requiring heat & flames, chemicals, abrasion resistance/protection or anti-adhesion properties.

Our factory, located close to Lyon, manufactures coated fabrics using mainly polyurethane, silicone, and light PVCs polymers. Thanks to our know-how in laminating process, we provide a large range of functional fabrics available anywhere around the world with a single key factor: Performance.

We export to more than 110 countries in the world, while keeping a local and close approach for our clients on the 5 continents.

The quality and the performance of our materials are tested and certified by big industrial groups around the globe.

Today, OTEGO is a world specialist in Technical Fabrics for applications requiring heat and flame protection, release coatings and abrasion resistance.

Our factory, located near Lyon (France), designs and manufactures coated fabrics using polyurethanes, silicones and lightweight PVC polymers. Combined with our know-how in lamination processes, we provide a wide range of technical fabrics to various industries worldwide with one common factor : Performance.

Our technical expertise is regularly recognized by our customers, who not only chose OTEGO for our fabrics, but also for our expertise in niche applications in order to find solutions to their technical issues.


  • 90% of our revenue come from export.
  • 20% of our sales come from new innovative products.
  • World No.1 of technical textile on our markets.
  • 13 languages spoken among our team for responding to our clients

Growth Engine:

Innovation is our main growth engine. It is the driving force that allows OTEGO to offer a large range of products with the aim of improving the safety and the efficiency of the working environment.

OTEGO’s engineers work in partnership with independent laboratories in order to find new ways to continuously improve the performance of our product while preserving the environment. In order to stay competitive, innovative and to propose the quality that our clients are expecting, OTEGO’s policy has always been about investing into cutting-edge tools to benefit from the latest technology.

Continuously delivering on quality

OTEGO is both designer and manufacturer: we designed, build and integrate the entire manufacturing equipment of our products. Quality is obsession. Each single square meter of textile produced in our factory is inspected throughout the process. It is thanks to these strict standards that OTEGO certifies the quality of its products.

Our commitment to a more responsible future

OTEGO adheres to the United Nations Global Compact sustainable and socially responsible policies recommendation :

  1. To uphold principles protecting Human rights, Labor, Environment and anti-corruption in our daily activities
  2. To adopt an eco responsible approach from the conception to the manufacturing of our technical fabrics.
REACH compliant


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