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butyl rubber release liner otego dickson PTL

The butyl inner liner of a radial tyre

Butyl inner liner and tube are critical components of the tire. This thin layer provides better inflation pressure retention and helps decrease rolling resistance, a key component of the fuel efficiency.

It also helps with preserving the life of the tire and increase the wear resistance.

The tire manufacturing industry has been facing a significant amount of changes. Inner liner manufacturing has not been spared by the new technological improvements.

Hot feed extrusion remains the most widespread method of extruding the compounds which goes into the inner tubes manufacturing. But this method tends to lead to more porosity in the butyl rubber, which makes the inner tube more prone to leaks or fragilities.


One trend in the more modern plant is to switch to cold feed butyl rubber extrusion. This method provides higher air proof properties while at the same time allowing manufacturers to decrease the thickness of the layer.

This thinner inner liner has many advantages:

  • Better rolling resistance thanks to improved impermeability
  • Lower weight leads to overall gains for fuel efficiency, a key component of new gas emission standards
  • Lower manufacturing cost by reducing the amount of butyl rubber used in the production process


However, the cold feed process is a challenge as the manufacturers need to perfectly control the thickness and the stickiness of such advanced material.


This is why we developed a unique liner dedicated to inner liner, which guarantees a superior release and prevents the misshaping of the inner liner during the manufacturing process.

Our liner was designed to reduce sticking and stretching problems,  and to free tire manufacturers from constraints of regular textiles.

Our coated surfaces allow superior release of the butyl rubber from the liner. They also help addressing key challenges such as reducing waste and preventing corrupted material from going to the building process

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