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Rooftop bellow cover OTEGO Dickson PTL

New trend: Roof Cover Bellow for large CNC machines

CNC Machines: always better, always bigger

With the development of high precision machining tools, it is nowadays faster and easier to work on complex parts by working directly from a steel block. Large CNC machines are used to manufacture massive mold, die or parts that will be used in the aeronautics or automotive industry.


The bigger the size of the parts, the bigger the machine. To facilitate the operation, manufacturers use large 5 axis gantry CNC machines that often feature a large open table for an easy access. Because the materials worked on are usually heavy, they are loaded directly in the machine using a crane.


This necessity for easy access prevents the machine maker from sealing the working space into a chamber like it is often the case for smaller size CNC machines. This open table feature presents some inconvenience. Dust, particles and also chemical mist can escape from the working chamber into the workshop, risking contaminating surroundings and posing a threat to workers health.


A solution with lot of advantages: the rooftop cover bellow

For that reason the rooftop bellow has become a trend in the manufacturing industry to improve the safety of the factories. Set up on the top of the chamber, the rooftop below has the ability to protect the workshop from chips, debris and dust from the machine while reducing the noise. The roof covers are similar in appearance to regular bellows apart from their size and their color (white). They are highly mobile (it can open and close on demand) and are design to withstand sudden acceleration.


Usually made of translucent material, it has the advantage to avoid any supplementary electrical installation in the cell as the light of the workshop can directly go through. Different types of fabrics can be used (such as PVC, PU, etc), depending on the workstation requirement and the manufacturing methods of the bellow maker. Fire retardancy can be necessary to adapt to laser machines or any machine that may produce incandescent chips. High tensile and tear strength fabric are recommended since the cover can be submitted up to acceleration up to 75m.min‐1.

Who are we ?

OTEGO is a specialist of technical textiles applied to machine equipment protection. We have developed an expertise in textile solutions for bellows covers. Please feel free to contact us for further information.


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