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Connect with the Experts: OTEGO Heads to CIOSH

Brace yourself for a transformative experience as OTEGO Textile announces its forthcoming participation at the China International Occupational Safety and Health Goods Expo (CIOSH) 2024. Prepare to witness the future of technical fabrics and discover how we’re reshaping the landscape for flame protection, release coatings, and abrasion resistance.  


Safety, security, and emergency rescue techniques take center stage at this year’s CIOSH expo. OTEGO’s commitment to safety shines through our offering of FIRESHIELD firefighting garments, ensuring firefighters maximum protection at close range, and ALUPROTEC aluminized fabrics, which elevate safety standards for professionals 


Join us at this year’s CIOSH Expo from April 25th to April 27th and visit us at Hall 4, booth 4D38, to embark on a journey of redefining industrial safety.  


FireShield by OTEGO

FIRESHIELD: The Firefighter’s Shield

FIRESHIELD represents a leap forward in heat-resistant fabrics, tailored to meet the specific needs of firefighters in the field. This innovative solution goes beyond offering exceptional heat resistance. By integrating a unique combination of four specialized textiles, FIRESHIELD addresses all three heat transfer types: radiant, convective, and contact. This comprehensive approach ensures firefighters have the ultimate shield against the inferno they bravely confront.


Furthermore, FIRESHIELD prioritizes firefighter mobility and comfort. The lightweight design minimizes heat stress, enabling firefighters to perform at their peak while staying protected. This crucial detail aligns perfectly with FIRESHIELD’s compliance with the rigorous EN 1486 standard, a testament to its exceptional safety capabilities.


Visit OTEGO at CIOSH 2023 to experience the future of firefighter protection firsthand. 

OTEGO's Aluprotect A+A

ALUPROTEC: The Aluminum Advantage

ALUPROTEC isn’t just a fabric, it’s a beacon of innovation, guiding professionals towards a new era of industrial safety. Born from extensive research and meticulous engineering, ALUPROTEC strikes the perfect balance between uncompromising protection, flexibility, and comfort. This revolutionary fabric pushes the boundaries of traditional safety gear, offering unrivaled defense against accidental molten metal splashes while preserving workers’ freedom of movement in demanding environments. 


Experience ALUPROTEC for yourself at the 2024 CIOSH Expo and discover how it can revolutionize your safety standards and empower your workforce to perform at their best. 


The future of industrial safety is here, and OTEGO is leading the way. Witness groundbreaking innovations like FIRESHIELD and ALUPROTEC at the upcoming 2024 CIOSH and connect with our experts to discover how these solutions can empower your workforce and elevate your safety standards.  


Join us at Hall 4, booth 4D28, and embark on a journey towards a safer tomorrow. 

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