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As protective covers are frequently exposed to harsh operating environments (abrasion, high temperature, cutting oils, coolants…), choosing the right material is crucial in order to extend the lifetime of the bellow and to reach the full potential of your machine.


Throughout 30 years of constant dedication to improvement and thanks to the feedbacks of our customers, we have developed a range of coated fabrics especially designed for flexible bellow covers. Each of our references has been calibrated for specific operating conditions : Dry or wet environment, high temperature, narrow operating space, high mechanical strain…

On top of offering specific properties, our materials have also been designed for an easy usage. All our fabrics have an excellent folding memory and can be welded (high frequency, heat), glued or stitched*. Available in various thicknesses, it allows our customers to find the right balance between expansion ratio and mechanical strength to any project.
*not recommended if waterproofness is required


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