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Protecting people is OTEGO highest priority and strongest commitment. With our REFLESPACE range, we have developed unique aluminized fabrics, designed to protect the workers in the steel industry from molten metals splashes (both ferrous and non-ferrous) without compromising on their comfort. With our FIRESHIELD range, we provide innovative materials designed for fire proximity suits to protect the firefighters from the deadly danger of radiant heat.

Our materials comply with international standards such as:

  • Protective clothing for fire fighting:
    • EN 1486 (European)
    • GA 634-2015 (China)
    • KFI (Korea)
  • Protective clothing for metallurgical industry:
    • ISO 11612 (European)
    • GB 8965 (China)
    • KFI (Korea)


How do you define a good heat protective fabric? Will the most heat resistant material, be the most heat protective one ?
The heat transmission mechanism is very complex. Considering only the generic temperature resistance, may not be enough to find the right material in order to meet the performance expected.

OTEGO works closely with end-users, understanding their specific needs, in order to not simply provide them the safest but also the smartest solutions. We provide a wide range of heat protective fabrics for steel industry (foundries, furnaces) and for firefighting garments.

All our fabrics are meet REACH & ROHS directives and comply to most of the international standards. Safety, efficiency and comfort are the key factors we keep in mind for the development of technical textile for our end users.


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