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Why would I need a temperature insulation cover ?

Insulation covers have numerous applications in the construction industry, transports (aeronautics, Automotive…) etc.

To avoid too much caloric loss of a compound or any kind of machine during a short storage time or transport, it is efficient to protect it with a cover.

This cover, if made of the right material will be able to limit the heat transfer between inside and outside and so to keep constant the temperature inside of the cover.

To keep constant the temperature of a part in a cooler or warmer environment, there are many solutions like active cooling/heating mechanism that need to be powered, thick and heavy blankets and thin layers of isolating materials, and this last one solution is the one we will develop right under.

A thin and lightweight cover is more adapted when we need to use it, fold it, transport it etc.


+200°C / -70°C



Dumper truck and asphalt transportation

Public work (on road) is one of the best example of transport requiring temperature preservation cover.

Once the dumper truck is filled with hot asphalt, it needs to deliver it to the construction site before it gets cool.

Once the asphalt is cold, the workers cannot process and use it.

Temperature preservation

For asphalt transportation, we propose a silicone coated cover named Flexitop™ that ensure temperature preservation inside the dump.


This cover saves an additional powered device to heat up the dump during transport.


Flexitop make possible a 20% reduction of heat loss compared to PVC tarps.


Flexitop is made of a release surface that avoid any asphalt sticking on the cover and so, makes the cleaning easy.

Temperature resistance

Flexitop is also usable in very extreme conditions. From the coldest (the fabric stays supple down to -70°C) to the warmest environment (the fabric resists and stays supple up to +200°C).

Easy to handle

Thanks to its lightweight, the dumper truck tarps made out of Flexitop can be installed and removed easily.

Tarb Flexitop insulation alsphate

Extreme Cold Covers

Extreme temperature covers are necessary to store and protect machines (like snowmobile, cars…) and parts in extremely cold environments.


The cover needs to be highly resistant to cold and frost. Temperatures can go down to -50°C (and even lower).

Fortunately, as the asphalt, the frost does not stick on the Flexitop.

And as written upper, the product is resistant down to -70°C.

Winter covers cold resistant


  • OTEGO’s fabric is especially designed for tarpaulin and heat insulation
  • Our products made for tarps has the following specifications :
    • Fire resistance : FAR25 (on-board equipment)
    • Chemical resistance : Skydrol 500 B4, solvants, etc.
    • High temperature resistance : up to +200°C
    • Cold temperature resistance down to -70°C


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