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OTEGO Is Going To The INTERSCHUTZ Trade Fair

INTERSCHUTZ is the world’s leading exhibition for fire prevention, disaster relief, and safety and security. It opens a great opportunity to network with other professionals in the field, and discover the latest technologies, techniques, and practices in the industry. 

What is the INTERSCHUTZ Trade Fair?

INTERSCHUTZ Trade Fair Display
Fig. 1. INTERSCHUTZ Trade Fair is the leading international trade fair for firefighters, rescue workers, and emergency responders (Source: INTERSCHUTZ)

The INTERSCHUTZ Trade Fair is the leading international trade fair for firefighters, rescue workers, and emergency responders. The fair takes place every three years and showcases the latest equipment, technology, and services for firefighting, rescue and emergency response. INTERSCHUTZ 2022 will be held this June in Hanover, Germany. 


With over 1,000 commercial and non-commercial exhibitors from more than 40 countries, INTERSCHUTZ is one of the most awaited trade fairs that will feature the latest equipment, technology, and services for firefighting, rescue, and emergency response. INTERSCHUTZ also offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the industry and meet with experts from around the world. 


INTERSCHUTZ is a must-attend event for any global business involved in firefighting and rescue services. Companies in these respective industries will showcase the latest equipment, technology, and services they offer to interested parties.

What’s the theme for INTERSCHUTZ 2022?

Demonstration of fire prevention training
Fig. 2. INTERSCHUTZ 2022 will be focusing on teams, tactics, and technology

The lead theme for INTERSCHUTZ Trade Fair 2022 is “Teams, Tactics, Technology – Connected for Protection and Rescue.” This focus on connectedness highlights the use of innovative digital solutions and increased collaboration among stakeholder organizations, registered trademarks, and institutions. These are two key aspects that are shaping the sector.


New technologies are giving us unprecedented access to data that can be used for prevention, crisis preparedness, and hazard mitigation. Every event creates a treasure trove of information that has never been available before in such quantity or with such accuracy. We can now rely on data-driven decision-making, which is made possible by new technologies that have opened up preventive options for us all across the board – from health care to emergency response services like fire departments or police stations!


New technology is making our fire departments more efficient and effective, but it’s not the only thing changing. Growing urban density has created new challenges for emergency services organizations that need to be addressed with human-centric solutions like digitization. Other factors include budget constraints or even more complex hazards–all leading towards change in how we work together as a community when faced with emergencies/hazard situations


There’s been some hesitation from professionals who serve within this field about embracing newer technologies. The main reason for this is they feel outpaced by modernizing tools available in the marketplace. This is just one of the problems that can be resolved by attending INTERSCHUTZ 2022.

Main Topics for the Upcoming INTERSCHUTZ 2022

The major areas that will be covered in this trade fair are rescue services, civil protection, fire fighting, communication solutions, fire fighting, protective equipment, and fire prevention.

Civil protection

The civil protection area at INTERSCHUTZ 2022 will feature a variety of solutions for disaster management. From tents to accommodation and sanitation, mobile power supply, or flood protection; all these items are on display in one place so you can see what they look like up close!


Fire fighting

The fire and rescue services face an ever-changing set of catastrophic scenarios. Major emergencies caused by natural disasters and climate change require closer interaction among the various players. These will be showcased through vehicles or rescue equipment on display, as well as through presentations about these events. Conferences will also take place throughout this week’s exhibition at INTERSCHUTZ discussing fire services in the face of catastrophe.


Communication solutions

The future of civil protection is uncertain in an age where megacities are changing constantly. The number and density of these metropolises pose major challenges for emergency services, which must be able to respond quickly enough across different locations at any given time. 


Communication solutions have become necessary to ensure seamless cooperation. Digitizing networks within this sector has become more important than ever to make sure that all players involved can benefit smoothly without interruption or delay when it comes down to providing safety & security.


Rescue services

The emergency services are always under pressure to keep up with the latest technologies. That’s why INTERSCHUTZ is so essential. It provides an in-depth survey of all products available for use within these sectors, both new and old ones!


Protective equipment

The fireproofing needs of modern society are becoming increasingly individualized. From intelligent textiles to integrated communications solutions for all types and degrees, at INTERSCHUTZ you’ll find the perfect personal protective equipment (PPE) no matter what area it’s needed or how intense an application is going on with your work here!


Fire prevention

The preventive fire protection industry is a constantly evolving one, with new designs and urbanized areas requiring different solutions for buildings. INTERSCHUTZ provides networking opportunities to meet these challenges head-on – from planning through implementation of your project’s safety measures!


During the exhibition, side events like competitions, conferences, and demonstrations will be held. The exhibition area for demos is of special interest to visitors because of its action-packed nature.


The demonstrations at INTERSCHUTZ have always been the main attraction for visitors. The site offers an opportunity to see how modern emergency response works in real life, through on-site equipment and vehicles as well virtual presentations that are available online or during your visit! This year goes one step further by combining these two things, so you can experience what it really feels like first hand – without ever leaving home (or office).


OTEGO Will Be at the INTERSCHUTZ Trade Fair

Otego's Markets: Machine Equipment, Heat Protection, Aircraft covers, and Tire Industry
OTEGO will be participating in the INTERSCHUTZ 2022 Trade Fair as an exhibitor.

OTEGO is a world leader in technical textiles manufacturing coated and aluminized fabrics for applications requiring heat-and flame protection as well as release coatings that require lasting durability. Located near Lyon France, we also create products that are suitable across many industries including steelmakers, firefighters, and aircraft manufacturers, to name a few. 


OTEGO will be attending the INTERSCHUTZ 2022. We will be showcasing 3 of our products that are in line with this year’s theme:


FIRESHIELD – the proximity suit solution

FIRESHIELD is a complete solution for close-range firefighting garments that combine OTEGO expertise, both in heat-protective fabrics and in personal protective equipment.


FIRESHIELD is an assembly of four different textiles combined to offer the best protection against radiant heat, convective, and contact heat. It has been developed especially to be used for the design of firefighting proximity suits that require the EN1486 certification.


Proximity suit for ARFF

Our proximity suits are made from select lightweight and supple materials designed to protect airport firefighters during aircraft ground emergencies. They reduce heat stress and mental fatigue by being a more comfortable PPE suited to the situation.


Aluminized poncho for forest fires 

Made in an ultra-lightweight aluminized glass fabric, OTEGO’s fire poncho is an emergency PPE that can be easily used by individuals against fire, for self-evacuation or rescue waiting. Often carried by the firefighters on their belt during firefighting operations as an emergency protective gear against fire entrapments, during forest fire interventions, the poncho can also be used during an emergency evacuation from a burning building to protect against burn injuries.


Find us at the INTERSCHUTZ 2022 Trade Fair. We’ll be located at Hall 15, Stand H05. 


Discover the international top trends and latest innovations from 20 – 25 June 2022 in Hannover. Buy either the day ticket or full-event ticket to get to know more about manufacturers like OTEGO.

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