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Aluminized fabric EN1486 Firefighters

FIRESHIELD : New solution for Firefighting

The recent past few years have seen record numbers of fires that have caused millions of dollars in property damages, endangered entire wildlife species and too often resulted in human injuries, or even the loss of lives.

Fire hazards are real threats that concern all of us.

The FIRESHIELD complex is a 4 layers fabric that is specifically designed to be associated and used for firefighting proximity suits. It provides a maximum level of protection against radiant heat with the minimum overall weight (<950g/sqm). This allows the fireman to gain mobility, and reduce the risks of heat exhaustion, resulting in a better chance of survival.

FIRESHIELD is odorless, chemical and abrasion resistant and complies with rigorous international safety standards for firefighting clothing:

  • The European Standard : EN1486
  • The Korean Standard : Korean Fire Institute (KFI)
  • The Chinese standard : GA‐634
  • The US standard  : NFPA -1971

Who are we ? 

OTEGO, a leading company in technical textiles applied to heat protection, is committed into providing solutions to ensure people safety, and to help firefighters save lives.


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