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Coated Liners VS Textile Liners

What is a release liner for tire ?

In the tire manufacturing process a liner acts as a conveyor belt to wind up & store extruded rubber parts before curing. Various type of materials can be used as a liner depending on the specificities required. Since the liner has a direct impact on the quality of the tire, choosing the right material is key.


Tire trends Evolution

With the development of EV (Electric Vehicles), the technology of the tire manufacturing is more and more evolving towards energy-efficient tires (LRR tires). The lower rolling resistance allows to increase the range of the vehicle. This transition brings technological hurdles during the manufacturing process and choosing the right liner is one of the crucial component.


Coating technology

Because rubber compounds are stickier and thinner than before and high precision is required during the process for proper tire building, release liner plays a critical role in maintaining the rubber dimension and profile.

Coating liners is the process of applying a reticulated polymer on one or both sides of a textile or a film, which leads to several advantages compared to non-coated textiles. They have better release, tack retention and profile keeping leading to a higher rubber quality. They are also designed to be easily repairable, resistant to most chemicals, to stretching, to shrinking and to prevent wrinkles.

owever, the implementation of coated fabrics also comes with caution. Improperly coated materials could lead to rubber contamination. An extra care has to be taken to make sure that the coated liner will not prematurely deteriorate and contaminate the rubber in the process.


Liner-on-simple-fabric             Liner-on-coated-laminated-fabric


Textile liners (PP or PE) are still vastly used by the companies for less critical applications requiring  only  passive storage materials, but they are not adapted to pre-assembled, thin gauged oriented tire process.

Coated Fabric Textile
Release ++/+++ +
Chemical resistance High Poor
Temperature resistance 80-180°C 70-120°C
Tear strength High Low
Fold resistance High resistance and goes back to original shape Sensitive to fold and permanent creases
Repairability Multiple repair possible Difficult to repair

What we offer

OTEGO has been working for more than four decades as a supplier of high quality release liners. Thanks to our experience we offer coated fabrics to address all the key requirements of modern tire making.


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