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Rubber ROI Waste Release Liners

In the last decade, the tire industry has faced tremendous pressure to recycle and optimize usage of rubber materials. This is a combination of economic, environmental, societal and legislative factors.


The need to save on natural resources, coupled with the publication of important legislation plays a decisive role in the turn of the tire industry, along with the need to limit as much as possible waste during production.

OTEGO ROI return investment tire calendering industry extrusion inner liner ply belt

Waste & ROI

To support our customers’ march towards more efficient and more eco-friendly plants, we developed liners with a specific focus in mind: make release liners a part of the waste reduction initiatives and work to build the most cost-efficient solutions. We work side-by-side with our customers to build a favorable ROI (Return of investment) with liners without hidden costs, such as quality issues, repairs and waste generated by poor liner performance.


During calendaring and extrusion, quality issues often arise from low-quality liners and contamination, leading to waste and scrap rubber.


OTEGO has been a leader in the industry for more than 40 years by providing high-quality release liners. Our coated and laminated processes are specifically designed to improve release, resistance to creasing and fraying, thus reducing waste during production and boosting production yields.


On innerliner our customers can see up to 25% more usage of the rubber compounds compared to textiles thanks to low-stickiness and absence of deformation, helping companies save on re-manufacturing downtime costs and wasting butyl compounds.


We also developed liners with spacers to help with profile crushing on sidewall and tread, thus reducing the waste and need to scrap expensive rubber.

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