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A+A 2023 Exclusive Innovations

Industrial Safety Redefined: Discover OTEGO Textile’s Innovations at A+A 2023

Dive into the heart of industrial safety innovation with OTEGO Textile at A+A 2023. The long-awaited event is fast approaching, and with it the presentation of three OTEGO revolutions. In this exciting anticipation, we are privileged to offer you an exclusive preview of the innovations that will shape the future of industrial protection.

Anticipate and reveal, that’s our mission at A+A this year. Our commitment to the safety industry is crystallized in three flagship products: ALUPROTEC, an aluminized revolution for maximum protection; FIRESHIELD, a breakthrough in firefighter protection; and Oteplace, the platform redefining the industrial market. In this article, we delve into the world of industry, where innovation and protection meet to create a safer, more promising future. Join us for an exclusive exploration of these remarkable advances at A+A 2023, where the future of industrial safety comes to life.

Revolution in Industrial Safety

OTEGO's Aluprotect A+A

ALUPROTEC: An Aluminium Revolution for Optimum Protection

ALUPROTEC stands out like a beacon in the landscape of industrial protection textiles, guiding professionals to a new level of safety. It is the culmination of extensive research and meticulous engineering, creating the perfect balance between safety, flexibility and comfort. Designed to push back the boundaries, ALUPROTEC offers unrivalled defense against accidental splashes of molten metal, while preserving workers’ freedom of movement in demanding industrial environments.

Join us at A+A 2023 to see this exceptional fabric for yourself. ALUPROTEC is redefining industrial safety, and you’re invited to witness it for yourself.

FireShield by OTEGO

FIRESHIELD: The Advanced Protection Patch for Firefighters

The courage of firefighters deserves the best possible protection, which is why OTEGO Textile presents FIRESHIELD, an avant-garde shield designed to withstand the most intense heat. In the demanding world of fire, every second counts, and FIRESHIELD is designed to offer exceptional lightness, minimizing heat stress and maximizing mobility. By meeting the rigorous standards of EN1486, this fabric is the essential companion for those who stand on the front line to protect us from the flames.

Visit our booth at A+A 2023 to see first-hand how FIRESHIELD is taking firefighter protection to a whole new level. We look forward to showing you how safety can be combined with performance.

OTEPLACE on mobiles

OTEPLACE: Redefining Industrial Procurement

The world of industrial protection takes on a whole new dimension with OTEPLACE, the essential marketplace where buying and selling protective products becomes simple, efficient and secure.

Think of OTEPLACE as your one-stop shop for everything to do with safety in the workplace. It’s like a vast virtual marketplace where companies can access manufacturers of protective products directly. Imagine being able to browse a variety of trusted brands and specialized products, all in one place, accessible at the click of a button.

With OTEPLACE, you can compare, select and purchase essential protective equipment for your business with confidence. It’s a simplified, hassle-free experience, where you can be sure of finding the solutions that precisely meet your needs, without compromising on quality or safety.

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