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With the FIRESHIELD PONCHO, OTEGO innovates by launching an emergency protective gear (PPE) designed to protect firefighters against forest fire entrapment situations. Lightweight, easy to put on, the FIRESHIELD PONCHO offers an outstanding level of protection against thermal radiation and is capable to withstanding direct exposure to flames for several minutes, thus allowing a safe rescue or escape in case of a fire entrapment.

FIREFIGHTING PONCHO – Overview of your pocket PPE for emergency situation

OTEGO’s poncho is an easy to use, easy to carry emergency PPE, for self-evacuation and rescue waiting situations.

Sold in its carrying pouch, the poncho is made of extreme lightweight aluminized glass fiber fabric with high reflective properties. Its small footprint allows it to be carried easily on one’s belt or stored in high risks places for emergency usage. OTEGO’s FIRESHIELD PONCHO is designed to protect the wearer against high levels of radiant heat and flames, while preserving mobility to maximize the chances of escape or rescue. Its simple design make it suitable for fire professionals as well as non-professionals who are working in environments prone to fire hazards*.

It can also be used as a complementary PPE to offer additional protection when the radiation heat  level is too extreme for non aluminized heat protective fabrics (such as chemical plants).

*Please note that we highly recommend using the FIRESHIELD PONCHO in combination with a smoke filtering mask or a breathing apparatus.


◀ Rescue Staff wearing a Fireshield Poncho
Being so light allows the Poncho to be put on by its user in just a few seconds, saving precious time in dangerous situations.




Rescue Staff crouching with a Poncho 
Crouching while wearing the Fireshield poncho is an efficient way to minimize the exposure to radiant heat.



In addition to ISO 11612 (A1, B1, C4), the FIRESHIELD Poncho has been tested by an independent laboratory, mandated by French Ministry of the Interior, Department of Defense and Civil Security to verify its performances.

Radiant heat Performance : Efficiency proven up to 50kW/m2

Test comparing the impact of high level of radiant heat on a manikin by using thermal couples placed at each layer of clothing and on the “skin”.

Results show that FIRESHIELD PONCHO :

  • Effectively reduces the thermal load on the surface of the poncho
  • Extends the exposure time at short distances
  • Ensures a high level of safety and comfort for the user

Fire Resistance test : Bush fire simulation

Test simulating a direct exposure to flames equivalent to a typical bushfire. Infra-red thermal camera is used with thermal couples placed on the manikin to collect the data during the test.

Results show that FIRESHIELD PONCHO :

  • Protects the user from flames for a short period of time
  • Keeps the temperature inside the poncho low to prevent convective heat burns
Fire test 1
Fire test 2
Infrared fire test


FIRESHIELD PONCHO is an emergency escape gear in case of forest fire entrapment or complementary radiant heat protective gear for bulk fire interventions.

  • Easy and quick fitting
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Outstanding thermal radiation protection
  • Protects against flames for a short period of time


Dimension (unfolded) : H 120cm x W 150cm (single size)
Poncho : 525g (aluminized glass fabric)
Holster : 100g


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