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Article – Bref Eco – Exporting also means building bridges between cultures”.

In an interview with Bref Eco magazine, Thierry Mosa, CEO of Lyon-based Otego, shares his international strategies and successes. Otego, which exports 85% of its technical protective fabrics to over 110 countries, recently launched a marketplace dedicated to professionals.


Thierry Mosa explains that export success depends on a thorough understanding of local customers and markets, as well as continuous adaptation. He stresses the importance of long-term relationships and mutual trust with foreign customers, with an emphasis on listening and understanding cultural and linguistic nuances.


He stresses that there is no single recipe for export success, but rather key principles such as careful preparation, patience and perseverance. He also mentions the importance of relying on public support structures such as embassies and Business France.


In September 2023, Otego launched Oteplace, a BtoB platform dedicated to the security industry. It brings together French and foreign manufacturers, facilitating the sharing of know-how and the marketing of safety products. Oteplace offers various export services, such as transport and customs tax calculation, and plans joint participation in international trade fairs. This initiative aims to create global business opportunities, strengthening Otego’s position in the global market and making it easy for customers to find the security solutions they need.


Finally, Thierry Mosa insists on the idea that exporting is above all a cultural exchange, enabling enriching encounters between people from different horizons.


Interview by Didier Durand for Bref Eco magazine, May 2024 industry special issue.

Interview de Thierry Mosa sur le succès international d'Otego, l'importance des échanges culturels dans l'exportation, et la création de la plateforme BtoB Oteplace pour l'industrie de la sécurité.
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