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OTEGO ofrece una gama de cintas de para impermeabilizar costuras para la industria automotriz y de equipos para exteriores.
Nuestras cintas para impermeabilizar costuras presentan la ventaja de adherirse a la mayoría de los tejidos y materiales.

If sewing and stitching are the most common way of transforming fabrics or leathers, it also poses an issue when it comes to water tightness. Because the sewing process creates seam holes from which the water enters, sewn products often need to be seam sealed.
Waterproof seam sealing tapes are a fast and easy way to seam seals all kind of products (outerwear, work wear, tent, footwear, leather goods…). Applied with a hot air taping machines or other hot air welders, it is a good alternative to seam sealing glue which has to be applied manually.


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